The Top 10 Ways Internet Marketers Get into Trouble With The FTC

Shira Smolko

This is an job interview with FTC Protection Attorney Nick Oberheiden of Oberheiden P.C. Nick handles FTC compliance and defense matters nationwide.

Irrespective of what many men and women seem to imagine, the web is not the wild west when it will come to oversight and enforcement. Several govt companies share responsibility for making sure that world-wide-web entrepreneurs comply with the regulation, with the most-well known remaining the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Net marketers can (and do) run into troubles with the FTC in a wide variety of different means. When most FTC enforcement actions are civil (as opposed to legal) in nature, net marketers have confronted prison charges in some conditions.

Even in civil situations, penalties can involve hundreds of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of bucks in fines and damages. With this in intellect, web entrepreneurs need to have to take compliance critically, and they need to have to just take affirmative techniques to make certain that they will be able to protect by themselves successfully in the event of an FTC investigation.

So, what does this signify, particularly? In this article are 10 techniques web marketers can get into difficulties with the FTC—as perfectly as some suggestions they can abide by to mitigate their chance of legal responsibility:

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